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It's been a reaaaaaaally long while since I've been here, but I thought I'd stop by to just throw this one post in.

I've stopped blogging over here on LiveJournal for quite some time now (obviously). I hope you shimmy on over to my personal portfolio -slash- blog on Tech + Life + Music instead.

Ciao. :D

i'm offering japanese lessons.
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since there really is less money going around these days, i thought that a little shameless plugging is worth it to keep myself afloat. :p forgive me this one time.


i'm offering Japanese tutorials.
no, you're not going to be able to understand anime and dorama that's not subbed or dubbed; you're not going to be able to listen to Japanese music and understand it either. this is not for that. you can't turn fluent overnight.

you WILL, however, be able to get started on learning FOR that. the hardest part of actually being able to use Japanese is when you're just starting to learn it. the grammar patterns are so different from English; the characters are all but squiggly lines for most. but that's the whole point: once you get those basics down, you can even opt to start studying on your own.

these sessions are for the people who know nothing of the language but want to learn. if you're familiar with Japanese a bit, but want to formally further your skill in it, then you're also welcome as well (i mean, come on. everybody knows what ARIGATOU is. or even OHAYOU.) these lessons are graded as BEGINNER to LOW-INTERMEDIATE.

we're going to cover all the basics of the language, specifically, in writing and reading. in addition, we're also going to cover all the material that is required for you to pass the Level 4 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), the first real milestone in learning the language. in addition, we're also going to touch on a few topics under the JLPT Level 3.

and if you're sort of skeptic of the whole thing, you might want to know that i'm currently a Japanese trainer for my company (i mean, aside from being a programmer). i just finished taking my Level 2 classes myself. just so you know i'm not new to this sort of stuff.

so, here's what you'll be getting from these sessions:
* as time permits
  • Introductory lessons on the HIRAGANA, KATAKANA and Pronunciation in Japanese
  • Reading and writing the KANA, along with proper stroke order
  • 25 Grammar Lessons under the JLPT Level 4
  • 25 Vocabulary Lessons to augment your grammar lessons
    • essential vocabulary PLUS the 700+ words required by the JLPT Level 4
  • Introductory Lessons in KANJI
    • covers the 100+ KANJI required by the JLPT Level 4
  • Sample Exams of the JLPT Level 4
  • A few* lessons for JLPT Level 3
  • ALL materials and readings used are formal training materials from my own library.
i'm still trying to finalize the details, but here is what i'm planning so far :
  • 20 sessions @ php500 pax a session.
  • sessions will be around three (3) hours long each.
  • meet once a week.
  • venue will probably be somewhere in Ortigas or Cubao.

if you're interested, don't comment here.
drop me an email at richardilagan AT gmail DOT com. you can also text me at 0915.941.4778 (Globe) or 0922.873.4282 (Sun). you can even buzz me over at yahoo messenger. i'm hapones120.

for any questions or clarifications, don't hesitate to contact me about them too.

while you count clouds.
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when i read this entry by moondottir's, i immediately remembered the webcomics ericvids would post from before, and also A Softer World, one of my more favorite sites out there for inspiration and a regular poetry/photography kick. there's a regular influx of a few lines of poetry, accented by nice digital photography.

one of my more favorite entries (and one of the earliest ones too), is called "While You Count Clouds" (at least according to the archives; the filenames of the pictures tend to be different as well). and i just felt like sharing this one.

A Softer World is Emily Horne on photography, and Joey Corneau on words.

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i noticed that i've somewhat neglected my blog for quite some time now. and i guess it's also time to pick this up again.

i remember starting this way back in college, as something that i could look back into when time comes that i actually want to look back into the things i and the others around me have done. and i guess it should stay that way.


i miss playing live. actually, i miss performing live, in a general sense.

i almost even went so far as to actually audition for Unang Baboy sa Langit (the next Ateneo ENTABLADO production; i hear they needed Baboys in the cast hahahaha), but critical stuff arose on the day of the auditions, and i had to attend to them. just so everything around me escapes crumbling completely.

lately i've resorted to picking up my acoustic more often.

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1. pagkain
2. pamasahe
3. gasolina
4. bigas
5. tuition
6. kuryente
7. tubig
8. buwis
9. customs
10. pork b

bakit ba sa lahat ng bagay na puwedeng babaan ang presyo, e TEXT MESSAGING pa????

wala akong pakialam kung iron lady ka or what.
minsan talaga hindi ka lang masyadong nag-iisip.

West Side Story
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hey guys. :)
i've been wanting to watch this play for so long, and i'm especially excited to know that its going to be performed in the Philippines. :)

give the details a quick read; you might want to watch it too.

snipped from the West Side Story event page on Facebook:

West Side Story Opening Night Show-For-A-Cause
September 5, 8pm, Meralco Theater
Starring Christian Bautista and Joanna Ampil
Tickets at P1200, 1000, 700, 500

Touted to be the best musical of all time with music by Leonard Bernstein, lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and original choreography by Jerome Robbins, this exciting production will be headed by Christian Bautista who will be playing the role of Tony and Joanna Ampil of Ms. Saigon fame as Maria. She will be alternating with Karylle for this role.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to Kythe, a foundation whose primary cause is children with cancer. (visit http://www.kythe.org for details!)

Contact Minnie at 0917-8676332 or minnie.fong@gmail.com for inquiries and reservations! :)

wish me luck guys :)
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I'm competing in this year's worldwide Google Code Jam competition. Programmers and problem-solvers from around the world reserve themselves to solve problems that the Google gurus will pose. :p

The qualification round starts tomorrow at 8:00am Japan time ( it starts simultaneously all around the world ), and will last for 24 hours. If I get to solve at least one (of the probably four problems they'll pose), I'll qualify to move forward to Round 1 (which will be significantly harder). There will be a total of three rounds (aside from qualification) prior to the finals, and eliminations take place at each one. If I get to at least the Top 500 (qualifiers for Round 3), prizes and free travel are already assured.

We can solve the problems in whatever programming language OR manner we choose ( if we wanted to solve them by hand, we could ). I'm going to commit myself to use Visual C# for the contest as much as possible. Primarily for training and whatnot, but I find that it's also easier and faster to program in C# than in C++ (which I regularly use at work).


8:00am in Japan means that I'll be in office. Partida na lang, boys. Malamang overtime pa ako. haha.

Please wish me the best of luck guys. :) Hopefully, I get at least a GCJ2008 t-shirt. wahahahaha :p


for interested individuals, the contest is still open for registration.

visit the official Google Code Jam 2008 website for more details.

wala lang.
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Apparently, Ueto Aya ( Aya Ueto in western-style ) is the new commercial model for Fujitsu Ten's ECLIPSE line of products ( car navigation systems, and audio systems for both automobiles, professionals and home ).

so we went on ahead on made souvenirs.

haha, hindi lang namin napigilang mawalan ng hiya sa gitna ng Fujitsu Ten ECLIPSE group office.


anyway, blogging about it, 'cause I was quite surprised. I've known her from way before primarily for her songs, but I was quite taken aback to know that she was just recently crowned the #1 Commercial Model here in Japan ( second time around, according to Wikipedia ). Partly because, well, I didn't know she modeled, and secondly, Fujitsu Ten has all that money to squander. hahahaha XD no wonder.


ANYWAY. for my friends, I have only about one month left here in Japan ( will be coming back on August 9 ), so I'm a-gonna double up on the things that you guys have been prodding me to find. :) so, I'd like to refresh my list of stuff to look out for. what I'd like you guys to do is send me a private message telling me what it was you wanted me to find ( or if you changed your mind in any way ) for you. If I do find it, I'll reply with cost and other details. wokai?

you can send me a private email here at richardilagan AT gmail DOT com.

if you guys know any others who you know have items pending for me to find too, please do tell them i'm running this refresh favor. thanks!

because i've been missing a rant or two nowadays.
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just got home from work overtime-all-you-can again tonight ( it's now 23:47 here ).

i don't fancy a work rant at all, but i just feel that i need a bit to unload.Collapse )

but anyway, it's okay, i guess. i honestly think the work is do-able. impossible, but do-able, as Sean Connery once said. it's just that, it's time like this that i most wish i was back home.


anyway, to get my mind off the work, been trying to create an itenerary for my department mates for the remaining time we have left on business trip. we only have about seven weeks left, and everyone wants to go someplace, so we decided on plotting it on schedule so that it's more organized, and so that there's a greater chance that we travel in large groups.

tentative itenerary here.Collapse )

if any of you guys have ideas and suggestions, please do let me know. it will be much appreciated. ^___^

we decided to get lost.
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this morning, me and some of my officemates decided to do something a bit extreme today. we just decided to get lost in Kobe.

so we went on up, rode the JR Hankyu line to Kobe Station, and walked off to who knows where. we just wanted to discover new sites and just get tired walking and enjoying the scenery.

four cameras were clicking away; i tried something new today and strictly shot all my pictures in black and white. :p went on up to over 130 pictures, uploaded two albums worth ( 120 pics ) to facebook.

have a look at some of my sample pics :p i'm quite proud of how some of the pictures turned out. :)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Getting Lost in Kobe ( 56kbps warning!!! )Collapse )

i really WILL get an DSLR someday. T______T

albums over at
- and -


last Friday was also the in-company exhibit of Fujitsu Ten's ECLIPSE line of products.
ECLIPSE's product line is comprised of audio and video equipment primarily for automobiles ( think pimp my ride ), but have also branched off to include audio equipment for professionals, sound engineers, sound-related industries and home theater adaptations.

i also uploaded an album of our tour thru the exhibit. enjoyed parts of it ( got to ride in PIMPED!!!! porches and BMWs ), and at the end, i wanted to but a system for a home theater. vowed to do that someday.

it just felt good to see all our work materialized into something so sleek, cool and PIMPED. hahahha, motivation motivation.

album at

check the gadgets out peeps. :p


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